Rogue’s March

American Steel

Rogue’s March

Re-Release Date:
August 10, 2012

Original Release Date:
October 26, 1999

At long last, after delays that only ended when Lookout finally shut its doors earlier this year, American Steel’s classic 1999 album Rogue’s March will finally be available again on August 24th via guitarist and vocalist Ryan Massey’s new endeavor, Lugosi Records.  More focused than their untitled debut, Rogue’s March found American Steel at their aggressive, snarly best. Before the overt genre bending experimentation of Jagged Thoughts, Rogue’s March effortlessly placed vitriolic anthems like ‘Whiskey, Women and Blackguarding’ alongside melancholy rippers like ‘Every New Morning’ and dancey, Clash-esqe numbers like ‘Got a Backbeat’ to create what remains to many the definitive album from Gilman’s second generation of bands. All in all, Rogue’s March is a portrait of a legendary bay area band during their career-defining peak and emotional boiling point. As a result, this shit still sounds as blisteringly awesome today as it did in 1999.



Available on:
Limited Edition Colored Vinyl, MP3

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Track Listing

1. Loaded Gun
2. Every New Morning
3. Graveyards
4. Got a Backbeat
5. Rogue's March
6. Whiskey, Women, and Blackguarding (Ain't No Cure for a Broken Heart)
7. Hope Springs from Somewhere
8. Insurrection Ave
9. Bloody Murder
10. One of These Days
11. There Could Be More
12. Optimist
13. Parting Glass